Company project – Vip Mobile

Vip mobile, a mobile operator which has succeeded to claim solid position in Serbian market, is a great example of a company with development at the center of its business. Being in a position to start from a ’’green field’’, Vip mobile has decided to set long-term goals and chase towards it with maximum speed.

2017 was the year in which the Vip mobile made a new step forward by deciding to put strategic emphasis on its most precious resource – its people. The company has initiated a development project, aiming to achieve a new level of business excellence. The goal of improving development of all company’s talents and key personnel is something that the management has approached in dedicated and organized manner.

Coaching as a development concept has quickly been recognized and adopted. The resources were used in just the right amount to secure supreme quality and extraordinary results. The assessment was made on who are the greatest talents within the company and they were the ones to have the greatest attention. Top and middle management, as well as prominent individuals from the entire organization, all came together with just one idea: for each of them to dedicate themselves to their own personal development and recognizing the potentials of other colleagues they work with on a daily basis.