Projekat kompanije Karanović & Nikolić

Karanović & Nikolić is a leading international legal practice in South East Europe with a team composed of over 100 lawyers who cooperate together across the region.

We started as a small law firm twentysomething years ago, and as we grew we built our own learning & development method and system. We think that one of the most important things we are doing for our clients is the investment in the knowledge and skills of our lawyers, so that they can help the clients’ businesses prosper and thrive.

Coaching sneaked into our lives some 10 years ago, and slowly it become integrated in every part of the system. It was the basis for creation of a number of our internal programs and projects: our KNdidates – program for trainees, The Academy – comprehensive 5 days annual programs for both our lawyers and business services, the Star Track – talent program for lawyers on senior and partner track, the Leading Edge – leadership program for our partners. And of course there is our in-house coaching with an annual average of 300 hours of individual sessions.

We are glad that we will be able to share with you all the ups and downs, problems and achievements of this coaching story and how it truly became part of our culture and everyday communication.