Company project – IKEA

The IKEA Company is one of the biggest and most famous international companies, doing business with great success in 29 world countries and having 355 shopping malls of their own. The company’s vision: „Provide for better everyday life of as many people as possible “is something deeply incorporated into the organizational structure. Moreover, one of the three development pillars for the IKEA Company are – its employees. One of the company’s goals is supporting growth and nurturing talents of its employees day after day. In order to achieve this goal, IKEA is incorporating coaching into its organizational structure. What the company really wanted to support was the culture of studying and support among employees, accountability, active participation in company’s growth and prosperity, as well as adjusting professional and personal goals. Overcoming the fear of potential errors which could occur in everyday business. Delegating, giving tasks and claiming accountability. Increasing motivation and self-initiative. These are just some of the challenge IKEA has faced on their road towards development. Has the company managed to overcome these, and how?