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Coaching Conference”Applied”

The coaching conference “Applied” is the fourth regional coaching conference launched by Erickson Coaching International and Atria Group. The conference will be held on 21st of March in Belgrade, with the aim to gather over 150 coaches and HR experts.

This conference is a unique opportunity for participants to learn more about different coaching methodologies, predicted trends in coaching industry, and their application in development projects in companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Vip mobile, Pharmanova and others.

The aim of the “Applied” conference is to bring participants closer to coaching through the presentation of various company development projects. One thing is to talk about coaching, the other is to look at it at work, as a methodology that gives results. Through blocks of presentation of projects from different companies and several key speakers, we want participants to come up with concrete strategies for implementing coaching in their companies through a one-day conference. You shouldn’t only apply for a conference as a delegate. If you think that the development project implemented in your company has achieved results, had the elements of coaching and you want to present it to other regional companies, you can fill in the application form for the projects on the following link: Application form for projects.

The special guest conference is Ms. Marilyn Atkinson, one of the world’s most renowned business coaches, the author of the coaching methodology and the president of Erickson Coaching International. Together with Mrs. Atkinson, you will have the opportunity to get to know international coaching professionals and people applying coaching to bring their business to a higher level of excellence.

Bookmark 21st of March for a conference that is recognized in the coaching world, both among longtime coaches, and among people who are just starting to coaching the world.

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